GLadys m Semenya 

I'm an Entrepreneur, Melek Lifestyle Funder, fashion lover, cake fanatic and an avid book reader. I love food, shoes, traveling, and talking the whole night. If there is anything bright, beautiful, creative, intriguing and out of the ordinary, I will totally seek after it. I have a deep passion for life and exploring it to its fullest. If you have a dream, go for it!


KElebogile mokalake

I am a graphic designer and a forensic analyst. I am a lover of creativity and an exercise enthusiast. I am passionate about life and learning about cultures. I guess you could consider me very inquisitive. I draw inspiration from People, Nature, Traditions, Fashion, Architecture, Art and all things Design. I love late afternoons and works outs from Nike+ Training Club.

Truth be told. Life is hard, but so wonderful. There is so much to know and explore out there. So I am on a mission to explore that. Live creating yourself.


I love learning and developing my talents. I love to create things with my hands, cut, paste collage, sow, crotchet, and so forth!

I am an Assistant Marketing Manager at a Pareto Limited - a Property Company. I mainly enjoys it because it grants me the opportunity to explore my passion for creating and making things happen. When I'm  not hard at work making that paper, you will either find me at the gym with my awesome room mate keeping fit or at home (when I'm not out being a socialite) trying tirelessly to master the art of crocheting, a hobby that's taking time (perfectionist) as previously mentioned, but I'm slowly getting there. Photography is another one of my things; of which i find to be absolutely liberating!



What do I say about myself?  Professionally I'm a qualified somatologist and pharmaceutical graduate.

But there is more to me than just my looks and qualifications. I am very imaginative, love adventure, playing board games and watching series especially pretty little liers.

One other thing people don't know about me is how crazy I am about live performances, which include melodies, harmonies, symphonies, instrumentals and anything music. I guess you can call me a melophile.

I recently just got back from a 9 month traveling and working around Europe, Exotic island and the USA, which fueled my love for travel.

My friends will tell you that I have a deep love for my family, them, indigenous food and brushing my teeth, but I just see Rachel being Human.



Im a 21 year old student at the University of Cape Town studying towards a Bachelor Degree on Social science in International Relations and Gender Studies. Originally born in Mafikeng but consider myself a Rustenburg girl. Fun fact about me: I was raised in three different towns, Pretoria, Rustenburg and Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.

Having grown up in this different places, my view of the world and life in general was challenged and I learned very early that one needs to be a "flexible thinker" and that has helped not take everything so seriously. I am very passionate about politics and want to challenge the idea that politics is boring and irrelevant. I am all about educating or rather sharing what is happening around us in a manner that would allow for my peers to interact and actually gain interest in the world. When all is said and done, my spirituality plays an enormous role in my life and guides as well as constructs my approach to life. 

Vuyolwethu Dasha

My nane is Vuyolwethu. Which means 'Our Joy' and literally sums up my life mission - to bring joy to others, to hear laughter always and to be at peace. 

I'm on one of the scariest journeys I've yet encountered - self disvovery. 

I am a lover of life, books and flowers. I love God and aspire to be  a contributor to all things wonderful in this life 

Favorite sound: Laughter
Favorite color: Light Favorite mood: Colourful





I'm a lover of the arts, and anything expressive. I'm  undeniably optimistic and try see beauty in everything. I believe in following your heart, it leads you to places you've never even dreamed of, and I'm passionate about development. Everyone and everything  has tremendous potential for growth, we just need to tap into it. I believe in hard work and sacrifice, it's investment and brings many dividends.











I am 25 years of age born and raised in Bloemfontein South Africa.  I'm a music instructor for the Mangaung String Programme, working for the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation. Ad-Hoc Violinist for the Free State Symphony Orchestra, Member of the Miagi/New Skool Orchestra, formed part of BSO in 2000-2010. Student of Samson Diamond. 

Nothing compares to being on stage and pouring your heart out to the audience -story of my life..  In my spare time I enjoy the company of my family and friends.








Anelisa Nzungu

“Some speak for the trees, others for the whales.I speak for the arts.”

I could have been anything else in the world but God paved my fate to bring me where I am today, a 24 year old student of Musical Theatre; an artist, a lover, a respecter and a voice for it. I don’t like reading much, but I love writing, creating, saying things with more than just words. I’m an actress and I want to use all my talents to make magic!

What you see is not what you get with me, you may be fooled by my surface but my life has been constructed in a way that allows me to tell stories, so if you want to know mine, get to know me. Otherwise you can always watch from a distance, on a chair, in the auditorium, while I perform. I’m much lovelier and more fun when I perform. 



LONDiwe nyoka 

I am enchanted by how placing one word infront of the other creates magic. I am a lover of nature, of all things bautiful. I find simplicity is the epitome of style, as has been understood throughout the ages.  

Thanks to my fascination with perception ,  I guard my sensory input with daggers and hence my favorite saying: garbage in=garbage out. On most days I'm smilling from ear to ear, I have a huge heart. Those who know me, can testify that I love Loud







I am a marketer, having spent four years working at a dynamic marketing agency and now working as a Product Marketing Manager for a FTSE100 software company. I am also the proud co-owner of two start-up businesses which I founded with my best friends. I work a lot, and I love it!

Im currently learning invaluable lessons in my journey as a working girl, whether as an employee or a business owner, which I share through my blog with other working girls and aspiring working girls.  I also love pretty things, I’m a typical girl, so I wanted to share these as well – especially those related to being a working girl.






I completed my B.com Accounting degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. 2015 I obtained my Post Grad in Accounting Sciences at the University of South Africa and finished my Accounting articles the following year.

I currently work for the Construction Industry Development Board, but also run an Accounting Consulting company.

I Love God, I Love life, I love my family, music and I absolutely love meeting new people/ friends. But this is also true “There is only one thing better than making a new friend and that is keeping an old one”