First Date Outfit Dilemmas

There's a very interesting show on TV called First Dates. It's a British reality show shot at a restaurant in central London showing many people on blind dates. While this show is fascinating, this blog post is not about going on a blind date but on first date outfit. When watching this show, I often wondered how much thought the couples put in planning what they will wear on their dates. Some are very presentable and some, mmmhm not so much. I believe the purpose of your apparel is either to impress your dates or to express who you are from the get go.  

While many wouldn’t find this task daunting, some of us may experience some anxiety in putting together an outfit for the first date. Others would go to the extreme by buying a complete new outfit even though there’s a mountain of shoes and clothes in their wardrobe. Dating expert, blogger and author of Modern Dating: A Field Guide, Chiara Atik and dating expert and matchmaker, Lisa Morrison, gives us the 411 of overcoming this dilemma.  

First date style rules
Yes, there are rule. Lisa advise that you first check out the venue online in order to get the feel of the setting. This will definitely set you on the right path of choosing your outfit. Lisa adds that you need to choose a colour or outfit that you are often complimented on.

Chiara adds, that you need to make sure you know what you’re doing ahead of time. This will certainly prevent feeling uncomfortable on the first date. 

Style mistakes we make
Yep, there are times where we make an oopsie with an outfit. Lisa says one need to avoid showing too much skin and extremely over trendy outfits and heavy make-up. Natural and minimal is always key for the first date. 

Once you have established the nature of your date and the venue. It will make it easier to see what styles compliments your outfit. From accessories to make-up to hairstyle. How one looks leaves an impact. Chiara says dressing oneself is a little bit like personal branding and it does say a lot about who you are. So give yourself plenty of time in planning what you will wear. 

▪ Choosing the outfit
After checking out the venue and activity of your date and knowing what to avoid when putting together a complete look, we can now confidently choose an outfit. (I might add that this is after trying on many looks that fits the occasion). Here are the different styles to wear for two occasion. 

▪ Casual daytime date
Lisa stresses comfort being key for the first date. From jeans to a casual dress. The styling of these two can make all the difference. One can wear jeans/casual dress with flats, wedges or converse, while adding minimal accessories and light make-up will complete the look.  

▪ Dinner date
On the occasion Lisa says one can stand out by adding a statement piece of jewelry or a fun accessory as a conversation starter. Don’t be tempted to wear anything that you can’t walk in, eat in or breathe in!

Dinner dates can be formal and semi-formal. Here are staple pieces that one can wear for a dinner date; Black dress, heels, skinny pants, blouse, clutch and bling/unique accessories. Make sure you are comfortable but fabulous at the same time. Take your make-up with to ensure that you’re always looking glam. When you look good, you feel good and your confidence will shows.  


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