Living A Meaningful Life Through Travel

A few things have called me into the world of full-time travel, and I have to admit, being away from what many would consider comfort, has challenged me in ways I honestly would not have had the courage to do on my own. Due to being many miles away from home, I don’t have the comforts and distractions I would have at home. I don't have consistent access to internet, I can't just pick up my phone and call or make plans with friends or family, and there are things I am forced to figure out daily simply due to being in a new place.

And as a result of all this, I'm spending a lot of time alone. A LOT!

I’ve spent hours sitting in mediation; a practice I couldn't seem to get right back home, but now I’m learning to develop it; it’s become somewhat of a second nature to me. I've taken many sunrises and sunsets walks - I've travelled distances on my own by boat, bus and car with nothing to mindlessly distract myself. And as a result of that, I have had a lot of time to think, but most importantly, to listen. And it’s in these moments of stillness, sacred spaces, and those distant travels that have led me to processing things about my life in ways I never had to before. 

I'm learning to be more honest about my truths. 

Sometimes in those quit long hours of traveling I’ve had to ask myself tough questions that have led me in making tough decisions. It’s very important I understand where I am in order to understand where I want to go, or what direction to take.

So, I thought I should share just a few of those soul searching questions with you in hope that they will inspire something with in you. 
1- Why I’m I doing what I’m doing and Why do I keep doing it? 
2- Right now, what is working in relation to career, relationships, or goals and What is not?
3- What moments do I feel the most alive and  What can I do more to ignite those moments?
4- What difference do I want to see in my life? 
5- If “reality” didn’t matter (given the space to dream), what would I be doing?


I believe that the first step in living the life you’ve always wanted is to stop and ask: what do I really want out of life? A simple, but yet complex question that few of us stop to answer. I know there are realities that come into play when considering questions like the ones listed above, things like family, career, responsibilities, etc., but to understand what you really want out of your life is as important as the air you breath; at least for me it is. To be honest, answers to three questions change as I go, but some aspects of it remain the same.

Throughout most of my life I've felt lost - like I had no clue what to do or where I wanted to go. I have felt alone. I have felt paralysed. I have felt angry. But then 2 years ago I made a conscious decision to make changes in my life that will remove such feelings out of my reality. For me that meant leaving my not so fulfilling job to explore an unconventional path. A part of me still can’t believe all the work I've done in achieving my dreams. I’m choosing to see that there is a lesson in all things that have come my way, and one lesson I learned quickly was that, I have full control on how my life turns out. And because of that I am living and breathing some of the life changes I’ve always wanted right now.

So, in my wandering, growing, enjoying myself, meditations, questioning, and so forth, I have come to be reminded that the best thing I can do to truly live a meaningful life is to find that balance between being in the here and now, while also continuing to grow and evolve.

I constantly have to check myself to celebrate what I have achieved while embracing the fact that there is space for more, which is why they call mindfulness a practice. I'm as much a work in progress as you, but am doing my best to continue to dream big, while leaving space for how and when those dreams will unfold. 

A Good Life is about having a strategy but being open to serendipity...