Thinking Your Way to Happiness

I have observed the passive pattern of people waiting around for something or someone to make them happy. Perhaps a different job, new friends, amazing romantic love- the list of possibilities is endless! I will bluntly admit that I have been a victim of this blinded behaviour numerous times. Haven’t we all?

I call it blinded behaviour because in such situations, people are failing to see the real truth. Which is when it comes to our own happiness- we can and SHOULD create it. When we recognise and live by this truth, we are freed from the cunning deceits of the world which often cause us to short-change our lives. We are not only FREED, but we are ENABLED. How so? Knowing that we have the power to create our own happiness brings power, light, perspective, conviction and hope. It harnesses values into our lives that if we live by, can help us be as successful as we want to be.

We intentionally choose things and make decisions that will feel bring us joy; regardless of the situation we are in. I believe it is through thoughts that we are able to programme our minds to see positivity in a negative situation. Similar to the way in which a computer is programmed to function in a certain way, well also we can use our thoughts to help us function and feel a certain way too. A positive attitude and positive thinking are timeless principles. Why? Because every accomplishment; big or small; started with an idea. It started with a thought. It started in the mind.

If we can cultivate our thoughts so that they are positive and hopeful- they will lead us to feeling good about ourselves and our lives. We will see the silver lining in every cloud; we will be hopeful and believing- which will give us the courage to dream and to work on archiving those dreams; we will be less anxious and more optimistic; and ultimately- we will not just be happy, but we will live happy lives.

Negative thinking has a similar but opposite effect. It leave us feeling discouraged, weak and unable. Have you ever been in an environment where most people around you are just complaining? It’s almost as if that’s all they do. You can literally feel yourself being strangled by their outlooks and negative energy. It is not an enabling environment at all. The only thing it enables you to do and be is discouraged, and then what happens is one negative thought leads to another until you are in this pit of unbelief, negativity and lack of growth. It is toxic. Do your best to avoid it and do your very best, to never create or add to such an environment for yourself or for anyone else.

The more we make an effort to deliberately think positive; the more we welcome happiness and success into our lives. Mind you- I am not talking about non-existent positives; I am talking about real, evidential positive thoughts that you intentionally choose to pursue over negative ones, which those negative ones are almost always automatic. Through practice and awareness, we can ‘programme’ our minds to set positivity and optimism as the default mode of thinking. When we do this, our lives will be filled with cheerfulness no matter our circumstances. We will also be ENABLED with a sense of hope and excitement that will push us to work towards changing those circumstances where possible.